Monday, April 30, 2007


WOW !!!!!! Just logged on to do a few updates & am really excited to see that I have had 100 hits already. I sometimes wondered, with my old blog, if anyone ever looked BUT now I can see that, although I don't get a lot of comments, I do actually have people checking out my blog. It is great to know! I haven't a lot to show on the scrapping front from the weekend as I was way too busy setting up this new blog BUT I do promise as soon as I have something new I will update.
Thanks for looking

2 Lovely Comments:

Sharon S said...

Hi Julieann
Just followed the links from Scrapsidaisy to here. Well done on your new blog. Isn't it crazy how time can slip away when we are on the conputer or scrapping, for that matter. Hope you didn't have to be up too early after your late night.
Loved having a peek at your slideshow and will be back to see more.

Leah said...

Congrats on your new site Julieann, love your scrap space photos. I'll be back.