Saturday, December 29, 2007

A time to reflect

Hi There,

As we celebrated Christmas together this year one of my brothers couldn't make it home this year so I created a page to show him that I was thinking of him. Thanks for the great photo ya's

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I had an amazing time!


I hope everyone had a Christmas as special as mine!
I had a fun filled & special time shared with my beautiful family, with lots of presents & food!
I got a little spoilt this year! My D.D reduced me to tears on Christmas morning when he presented me with one of my pressies. He had gone to the jewellers & picked me out a set of gold ear- rings with diamond chips in them. They are just beautiful! so much so that I am too scared to wear got a lovely bottle of perfume, some make up & a photo CD stand from Santa as well!

I will share with you all the card that the Lovely Leisa made for me for Christmas. It is just stunning...BUT it is the words that are written inside that make it even more special-
So now the silly season has almost finished & the visitors have all gone home I feel the NEED to scrap!!!!!!SO last night I created a page.

My D.H dresses up as Santa almost every year & this year Maddy gave him a big smooch while he was dressed up.

And just prior to Christmas I made another Calendar & note book for my Darling Daddy & Aunty Pat. It turned out so yummy that I am going to make another one the same for myself.

I wish anyone that visits here a joyful time for the rest of 2007 & a Happy New Year for 2008!


JULES xoxox

Monday, December 17, 2007

Teachers gifts

I have had some creative FUN today! I seem to be running out of time.....ohhh....but I managed to finally get the teachers presents made today. Both my kiddies have lovely lady teachers. Both are young & trendy! So I made them both calendars & note books to match. I hope they like them as I sure did have fun creating them!

These are really economical to make. I sure hope the teachers like them!
Thanks for looking

Sunday, December 16, 2007



I just had to share with the world that one of my sisters from The sisterhood (YING) had a RAK & guess what??????????? I WON!.......woooohoooo
On other news I received some lovely cards this week from dear friends, The first is from Kristy , my local friend. What a lovely card Kristy!
the next is from Tracy. Who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times over the last few months. Tracy is a very talented cardmaker & this lovely card came in the post for me this week.
& then on the scrapping front I created a page earlier in the week-
This is one of the yummy new K & Co papers that I used to create this page (it's of me as a little girl).

Onto another exciting story!!!!!!!!!! I scored big time this week! I purchased from SCRAPSIDAISY one of these-

I haven't had a huge amount of time over the weekend to do a lot with it. But I did create a 6x6 mini book.

well done if you are still reading! it sure is a long post for me!
Thanks for looking
Jules xoxox

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tinkering Ink

Hi there!
I made these simple cards for our cardmaking day last week BUT I thought that I would share them with YOU!!!!

I used the lovely Tinkering Ink Yuletide patterned paper range. I hope you like them! The class was fabulous! (& FUN!!)
Thanks for visiting

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Just want to share with the world my proud Mummy moment today! My D.D received a Special AWARD today at the schools presentation day.

it was for consistent effort & citizenship! Mummy & Daddy were very proud to say the least!

thanks for looking

Monday, December 10, 2007


Hi There!
I picked myself up these gorgeous NEW Love Elsie, Noel p.p's, last week at SCRAPSIDAISY & was just busting to use them. I used a photo of myself on Santa's knee from way, way back in 1970! BOY has Santa changed since then!!!!!!!!..........LOL. The papers were(as usual) really easy to put together!

SORRY about the poor quality of photo! I will fix it soon! IRL the colours are much brighter!
Thanks heaps for dropping by & be sure to check back soon as I will be adding a little RAK!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


HI There,

It seems to be what we have been all looking for. It sounds like heaps of fun!
It is called the Sisterhood of travelling stampers & I am in group 4. Just click on the link if you are interested in joining. It should be fun! All you have to do is put the sisterhood list in your sidebar & visit your sisters (around once a week) & leave a comment to encourage this addictive craft that we are so, so addicted to.
It will be open until it gets to 30 (I think) So I will post it in my side bar as new people join.
My besty Buddy KRISTY is in the same group too.....WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!
be back soon

Monday, December 03, 2007

Something to share!

SORRY ( for the delay!).....LOL

I promised on Saturday night to share what I was about to create. WELL....that didn't get finished until today! So here I am sharing...right NOW!!
I was really excited last week at work when we got in some paper-mache CD boxes & post it note holders. They are really plain BUT can be transformed really easily into something lovely for your scrap desk. The CD box is perfect to store (we are always in search of photo storage) all of your enlargements in. I have used mine for my 6x8 & 5x7 enlargements. I used the new release Chatterbox Pattern papers. I think these both turned out rather elegant!
Then I just had to attack some of the other Chatterbox patterned papers So today I found a photo that I had taken of Brock (from our earlier holiday) & created this page. I was TRULY inspired with all the blossoms & rub-ons that KRISTY has been using on her burst of pages of late. So here is what I created today.
With the silly Season fast approaching I don't think that I will have as much time to create . BUT I do promise that whatever I create I will share for anyone that wants to look.
Thanks for visiting
JULES xoxo

Saturday, December 01, 2007

IT"s beginning TO look A lot like CHRISTMAS

Hi There!!
Long time between posts I know! I am a bit of a slack blogger...yeh yeh!
I have been very busy creating actually! All for the next Card Making Day to be held at SCRAPSIDAISY on December the 8th. I am only doing two classes this time. The first will be a Christmas decoration class & the second is a Christmas card class ( I will share both with you next week)
We had my D.H's work Christmas party today & had a wow of a time. BUT the most exciting part of the day was the TRADITION of putting up the tree & decorating the loungeroom!! Have I told you how much I love Christmas!
I am planning to get really creative right now. So if I do finish something tonight I will do another post later.
Thanks for visiting
Julieann xoxoxo