Monday, July 23, 2007


WOW what a week! My kiddies returned to school last Tuesday (all excited to be back!) all was going well, as expected, & then I get the phone call that every parent dreads! Brock has had a fall in the playground & has hurt himself! So hubby rushes to the school to discover my brave little boy unable to move his arm. So it is off to the hospital for xrays & such & the conclusion was that he has a fractured collarbone! So today as he celebrates his birthday he is on the mend. He insisted that he return to school today as it much more fun sharing the day with his buddies. So I made him a cake & took it on for his class to share. He has been really spoilt with lots & lots of pressies tonight & a second cake to share with the family-how lucky was he!. But boy does he deserve them. I am so proud of my brave little man!
I hope you all have a lovely week.
I have some new pages/projects to share so I will post them soon.

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