Saturday, July 14, 2007


WOW, WOW, WOW what a wonderful DAY! Leisa & I headed off bright & early this morning for the crop that was held in Newcastle as a Fundraiser for M.D.

Once we arrived, for the first hour or so, I just sat & was in awe of everything that was going on around me. Then it was time to get into it! I managed to create two pages of my own & then I attended a class by the ever so popular Jen Hall. (My take of it is posted above.)

The pages below are the two that I managed to create all by myself. I am stoked as I actually finished them & quite like them as well!

I aslo managed to create this card using my cuttlebug embossing & die cuts.

We met some lovely, lovely ladies! & caught up with the adorable Mishell!

& then to top it all off I won this great set of stamps!
I hope everyone else had a wonderful Saturday ( I sure know I did!)

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Sue Debono said...

Oh My God do you have a laptop? Did you upload your pics in the car on the way home? Chris and I got home about 9.30 and we were going to beat you to the pc but you won. You rock.
Sue and Chris

Leisa/Scrapsidaisy said...

My thoughts exactly Sue! It's Sunday and I still haven't taken my stuff from the car boot! This girl is obsessed! We only arrived home about 8:30pm so Julieann must have uploaded after then!

Oh and gorgeous pages Julieann - I am so pleased you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julieann have just visited your scrap space....... are you sure you didn't take pics of the shop instead............. we are coming to live with you
Sue and Chris

Scrap with Donna said...

Lovely site Jules