Saturday, August 18, 2007

OOOPS......NO Soccer!

I think I jinxed myself last night when I posted and said that I was spending my weekend at soccer. My D.S was meant to play his usual game this a.m. & has a special gala day tomorrow.BUT....he has fallen ill & can not play at all. He has some virus & has had me really worried. High temps, vomiting, headaches & really, really sore neck. I had the worst night in history with the poor little mite. Took him off to the Dr this morning & he has a virus (that I won't attempt to write as it sounds just like a really bad swear word) so it just has to takes its course. He seems to be on the mend this evening so heres hoping tonight will be a better one than last night. The poor little baby has had a run of bad luck of late. He fell over at school yesterday & it was touch & go as to wether he needed stitches in his knee.....OMG!!!I am hoping this is the end of the bad luck as he has certainly had his fair share!!!!

While I am here I will show a few pages that I created last night & tonight. I was on a roll last night & it is continuing tonight. We had a wonderful FAMILY day at Forster last weekend & I took the opportunity to get in a photo shoot. The photo's I took of my D.D & D.S. I have used on these few pages.
FIVE things I love about you Brock!!!
This page (above) IRL has lots of bling! it just doesn't show up in the photo.
I used my new cuttlebug alpha on this one. lovin it!

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Aunt T said...

Great layouts.


chelemom said...

I am totally loving your scrap pages! Awesome!