Sunday, October 07, 2007

See you all soon....

Hi just a quick one tonight.
I should be packing! we are off on a family holiday in the morning & I STILL haven't finished packing......(OH DEAR!!!)

I will leave you all (for 5 days) with a photo of my wooden stamps on my new shelf! My D.H has had the last week off & this is what he put up for me in my scrap room! Pretty impressive huh! He considers it his boat local friend will understand.(D.H says all the time that if I didn't have so much scrapping stuff he would have a big new boat...LOL. So when I arrived home from work the other day he took me to show me this new shelf calling it his boat motor! poor darling will get one one day, maybe when we win lotto!

I had better go & finish packing...yuk
bye for now
have a safe week

2 Lovely Comments:

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Jules - you made me drool! This is fabulous! I would just sit and stare at it! Your husband is fantastic! I hope one day he gets his boat motor!!

Helen & Co. said...

I want a boat motor too! This looks fantastic!