Saturday, October 06, 2007


I DID...............& about 20 other cardmaking/scrap obsessed women!!!!
Today we got together with a group of keen & very talented ladies to celebrate WORLD CARDMAKING DAY! & did we have a blast of a time??? You bet we did!
We hired the C.W.A rooms in Wingham (just a couple of shops up from Scrapsidaisy) to get together & create, create, create!!!! There were ladies everywhere stamping up a storm .....well almost! It was so, so much fun. The saddest part about the whole thing is that both Leisa & I were so busy that neither of us managed to take one single photo to show you how wonderful it was. So I will (TRY) to tell you......I am sure that everyone there had a great time. We had demo's, make & takes & technique classes for those that were interested & I had a wonderful, wonderful time teaching the classes that I did! The ladies were all so positive & encouraging that I felt honoured to be teaching them! :-)
As I type this I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open, but sleep is something that will not come for a few hours yet! I am still on such a high that if I went to bed I would just lay there for hours.
So to everyone that attended I hope that you had as much fun as I did & maybe we will see you all in November for our next cardmaking/scrapbooking get together!!!!
P.S. Thank you to Kristy & the other lovely ladies that helped Leisa & myself make the day possible!

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Tracey said...

Hi Julie-ann Im glad the day was a success, you sound like you got a real buzz out of it,Im kicking myself that I didnt go now will try to get organized for next time.

Leisa said...

Yes it was fun. Gotta laugh Julieann - I just put an entry on my blog about the day and called it something like "What a Blast" then I pop over here and see you have said almost the same thing! Scray! It was a great day and I am so grateful to you for all of your hard work and yes everyone seemed to really love the classes - have a great week off and relax as when you are back it will be full on planning for the next one on 3/11!!

Leisa said...

Oops meant to say "scary" - still a bit excited obviously!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

I've tagged you . . . stop on by to see why!