Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Family Hanger!!!!

Another new project that I have just created and wanted to share. I used the Lovely making Memories Fresh Anthology range to create this family wall hanger. I think I need a new photo of myself though! I had this one taken recently and am using it on everything I create lately....Sorry as it is not often that I get a photo of myself that I like.

Enjoy Jules xoxox

1 Lovely Comments:

Debbie K said...

Hey there Jules !! Just found your blog through Scrapsidaisy...

This family wall hanging is GORGEOUS!! I love the colours and you've done an excellent job. I know what you mean about getting hold of a photo you're happy with....the same thing happens to me....it ends up on everything!

I've just been watching your slide show....is that REALLY your scrapping space?....holy cow woman, I thought I was anal with organisation!! I want to come and just breathe in your room - looks fabulous !!