Sunday, May 06, 2007

My FUN filled weekend!

Just busting to show how my family spent the day!!!!What a BUZZ we had at the local "BIG BUZZ" Fun park. We were there from the time that it opened until the time that it closed!!! The kids had the best time EVER. There was not one thing at the whole park that the kids (husband included) didn't try out!! The water slides were a hit with Maddy. Brock just loved the quad bikes. This was all possible THANKS to one very special person. You know who you are. So THANK YOU from the WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY!!!!!!

We had a pretty full on weekend. Saturday was Brock's first ever game of soccer. He just thrived on it. From the start to finish (and for hours afterwards) he just glowed. He was in his glory.

Needless to say the kids have had a very big weekend & are sleeping peacefully now. My Dear husband says he is aching from his toes right up to his head. But would do it all again, in an instant, as it was so much FUN...

Not much scrapping done on the weekend but I do promise that I will have some to share tomorrow night.


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Debbie K said...

Yeah !! Now that's my type of weekend too !! Glad to see you got a photo of yourself in that montage. The family usually are having so much fun and are happy with having you behind the camera, they don't think of taking the camera and clicking it themselves.