Tuesday, May 29, 2007

LOOK ...What I got today!!!

How exciting (LOL) today I was lucky enough to get myself, from SCRAPSIDAISY, this excellent CLIP IT UP organiser. I am in my glory! It is unreal!

I have had fun filling it this evening & YES Leisa I do have some spare clips left to fill.LOL!!
Make sure you head over to the SCRAPSIDAISY blog to put your name in the draw to have a chance to win one of the RAKS that Leisa has on offer. There are only a few days left, so you had better be quick.

4 Lovely Comments:

Debbie K said...

Jules....you LUCKY, LUCKY girl !! I'm soooooo very jealous. They look divine and would certainly clear up a lot of clutter. I've gone green....
Deb x x

Leisa/Scrapsidaisy said...

Don't worry Deb - I have gone green too! I don't have one yet but really, really want one! Oh and to Julieann - it does have 50 clips doesn't it? So even if you have it 4/5 filled that's 40 rub ons etc @ say $10 each...hmmm...no you're not addicted at all! Oh and the top tier is yet to come remember! (giggle)

Rochelle W said...

How cool is this. I have never seen this before but it looks soooooo cool. Lucky you.

Traceyk said...

Yes I want one to,it looks awesome!!